Monday, August 25, 2008

Two little teeth

I told David I wanted a picture of his two little teeth to show his grandma. Then this is what he did. I thought it was hillarious. What is even funnier... now, is the story of how David got that second tooth. We were on the first leg of our expedition out here, Idaho Falls to Provo.Tyler an Jason were driving the moving truck and Jaime and I were in the car with the babies (David and Ashtyn) David picked that day to "teeth". He screamed and cried the whole way. Ashtyn was covering her ears poor girl. Then she got car sick and threw up alot..... a very lot. We stopped at a gas station to clean them up and calm them down wich took quite a while. The same gas station, come to find out later, that the boys had stopped at with a flat tire just a few minutes after we left. Then David cried more, til he made himself throw up... then cried more. We finally made it to Provo though. Jaime and Ashtyn decided they'd fly the rest of the way. (Can't blame them). Two more days in the car and one tooth later, we were here! We've loved it ever since.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strawberry Pie

We are finally at our new house! Yeah! We love it here. Jason started school last week and to celebrate, David and I made strawberry pie. He was a great helper.