Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's to 2011!


We started the year saying goodbye to Jason
He went to Idaho for a month-long rotation
It would have been great if we all could have gone
but the doctor said I was just 'too far along'


Grandma Mayo came before the due date
It would have been nice to know that this baby'd be late
We finally welcomed our Lydia May
Seven pounds and nine ounces of joy you might say


Ma and Pa Crofts came visiting next
Their first trip our here to the mid-west
The kids were excited, I can't fail to mention
They soaked-up all of the extra attention


To church we went, our baby to bless
My mom crochetted her a lovely white dress
David thought it espcially cool
When all his friend came for pre-school


We saw a tulip festival in a Dutch town
Where we met-up with friends for a look around
On Memorial Day we had BBQ
With all the wonderful people we knew


Then I took the kids, and J worried lots
As we headed to Vegas, but not to play slots
The family reunion this year was quite fun
We visited, swam, and soaked-up the sun


Two little teeth our Lydia got
In Primary David gave his first talk
Next, sadly, Jason left to OK
but Lisa and Cody moved here to stay


David discovered he had a new love
As he caught every frog, toad, tadpole, and bug
When we snuck in a camping trip in a hurry
Before Jason headed off to Missouri


We enjoyed the fall and all of its charms
As we picked blueberries at Berry Patch Farms
David played soccer and learned pretty quick
How fun it can be when a goal he did kick


we had a spooky and fun Halloween
With two of the cutest kids that you've seen
We partied and had a great Trunk-or-Treat
With more candy than anyone really should eat


At Thanksgiving we couldn't believe the amount
When all of our blessings we started to count
Our stomaches just weren't as big as our eyes
as we dished ourselves turkey, potatoes, and pies


We had a wonderful Christmas this year
With stockings and presents and plenty of cheer
Now we just thank our Father in Heaven
That we have survived 2011!

Happy New Year Everyone!