Sunday, February 28, 2010

the Gala

So, I keep opening this blog hoping that it will have magically been updated. It never is. I guess it's about time I did it myself. Jason and I went on a REAL date! Yeah for the DMU Gala! Jason calls it the medical school prom. Its a set day, time, place, all we have to do is show up... hense us actually going out. This year though I decided to make a dress, which added a bit more stress. Luckily I finished at 4 that afternoon.. still time to eat dinner, get ready and go. We had a great time. (thanks to Ty and Jaime for babysitting). There was music (of sorts), dancing (why some people think it is okay to dance with a full glass/bottle of alcohol in hand is beyond me), and food (which I think is Jason's favorite part). He tries to be adventurous and try all the strange cheese. Goat cheese is still bad. I'm a little less brave and stick to things WITHOUT mold on them. (you can call it 'aged' all you want, its moldy). Anyway, we had a great time!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all had a wonderful day. I made these valentines of David and thought they turned out so cute... so I'm sharing. Isn't he handsome! (he gets that from his Dad)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, I always feel like I am working on a million projects, but have nothing to show for it. (which is really annoying when I want to do the project again, but can't remember how I did it). Lately I've been trying to take pictures as I finish. Here are some I've done in the last few months....

These are scripture bags Shalie and I made for the young women in our ward. I thought they turned out really cute and now want one for myself... of course it will probably be froever before that happens... way down on the list.

These are wall hangings I painted for Danna for her little girls room. (it was fun to do a cute girl project since I have a boy). I can't take credit for the design though, she had a photo of what she wanted and I mostly copied it. The best part about this was that she took family pictures for us in return. Yeah!!! Anyone else want a sweet trade? :)
So I have to admit that I am slightly addicted to refinishing old furniture. It always comes out so rewarding in the end. This one was by far the MOST WORK! But, it payed off. I spent a good part of this fall sanding and sanding and sanding and finally refinishing this old dresser we inherited from my parents. I stained it to match Davids bed so they look like a 'set'. I bought new hardware too and I LOVE how it turned out. No pre-project picture to compare it to of course.