Sunday, December 13, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

Dave got to see Santa a couple times this week. First at the mall, and then at a Primary Christmas party. What did he ask for? A treat. He was a little bit shy at first (we havn't talked alot about Santa), but they were friends by the end! (Also, I think David is just so cute in his coat and hat, so I had to add a pic.)

Snow Day!

Jason experienced his first Medical School snow day this past week. Yeah! We've decided snow days are just as exciting now as when we were kids. There really was a wicked storm, check out our car. (Thanks J for digging us out!) Dave thought it was so fun and kept bringing me his boots all day- he NEEDED to walk in the snow.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

David's cars

So David may not be able to say his ABCs, but he can name ALL of his cars. (this is only about half of them). Jason is so proud.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Just a little something to get everyone excited for Thanksgiving! We started out coloring pictures of turkeys for thaksgiving, but David and Ashtyn had a better idea. Ha ha! I think these two are hillarious.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

David's Frog

We found a frog on our front porch the other day. At first Dave didn't want to touch it, but after a while he was begging to bring the frog inside. What a boy! Sorry Dave, new rule... NO frogs in the house!

Boo! or should I say ROAR!

Halloween was Great! David was the cutest lion you've ever seen. (I was just glad I got his costume made in time). We went to a halloween party with friends, went trick-or-treating on beggars night, and to a Trunk-or-treat on halloween. So I think we fully enjoyed the holiday. David was an expert at saying "Trick or Treat", he even practiced several times between each car. Sooooo cute!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall in Iowa

We love fall in Iowa. This year is a little colder than last, but still good. We went to Howell's pumpin patch a couple times. Dave got to pick his own pumpkin (he is very proud). He also loves crunching the leaves. We can't go anywhere without stopping to stomp on a few leaves first. He gets really mad when it rains and I won't let him jump in the soggy ones. Hope you're all enjoying fall like we are. Look for extra cute Halloween pics to come soon!

Friday, October 2, 2009

2 years old!

I can't believe my baby is 2 years old! What happened? Here are some pics of Davie on his second birthday. He's pretty much the cutes kid ever! Thanks to everyone for all the great presents. He was completely spoiled!

Can I open them yet?
This is what happens when you tell him to smile at the camera one too many times.
Davie painted this with his on his bithday (Jason wrote his name)
David and Daddy
David and Ashtyn helped me make the cake... and lick the beaters. They kept saying, "We're messy" with huge smiles of course.

The turtle cake
Blowing out the candles, he did really well, but needed a little help.
the best part. David got the eat the head.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Little Monkeys

David and Ashtyn have been singing so much lately and it is adorable! Ashtyn of course, sings the whole song. David just sings his favorite parts. In nursery they get to clap when they finish a song, so Davie cheers for himself everytime he finishes a song at home too. We're so proud.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 years and counting!

Jason and I celebrated our 4th anniversary this year.
Yeah for us!
I love you Jason Blair!

August at the Crofts

August has been a great month! Here's what we've been up to...

The heat and humidity finally arrived in full force. Luckily David loves the swimming pool, and the sprinklers, and somtimes even the squit-bottle will work.

David and I took a trip to the fire station with our friends. We got the see all the big fire engines 'whee-oh whee-oh' and David even climbed inside! (of course I forgot the camera, but he still looked cute with his hat and badge.)
We took a little trip to Raccoon River park. Despite the rain, we had a great time on the playground. (We aren't tough enough to swim in the lake when its raining.)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Fun

Since Jason was about to start school we decides to cram in as much fun as we could the last few days. A couple of our favorites were a trip to Ledges State park and Racoon River Park. Here are our pics from Ledges. It was beautiful there! David's favorite part was, of course, playing in the water. He also liked climbing all the stone steps. Racoon River was probably his favorite though. There's a lake with a 'beach' and he had a blast swimming. Again the water thing. At least I know what will make him happy. Now, Jason's back to school and we'll have to save the trips for later. Summer is too short.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Idaho Vacation!

We're Home! We had a wonderful vacation to Idaho this last month. It was quite the drive, but well worth it. Thanks to Davie for being mostly good in the car. David was completely spoiled by both sets of grandparents, and even some great grandparents. He thought it was great. We had tons of fun with all the family their. We even went swimming and camping at Island Park. Now we're finally home and have a few days to play still before Jason starts school again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Boy

I've decides that David looks so much like a little boy lately and less and less like a baby. He is growing up way too fast. Very handsome though. Check out some of these adorable pictures!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tweet Tweet

For a few days last week Jason had been saying that he thought we had a mouse in our walls. I told him he was imagining it, mostly because I was hoping he was. Then friday afternoon I was playing with David in the living room and I could definately hear something running around in the cealing and scratching at the vents trying to get out. GROSS! So I went down to the office to tell them we had a mouse problem, came back, and Davie and I started eating lunch. I heard our little mistery visitor run to the kitchen ceiling vent to try to escape. I could see the little claws poking out of the vent. Then something else started coming out, a beak! I have to admit that although having a bird stuck in our walls is still unsettling, I was very glad it wasn't a mouse/rat. Soon the bird fell down the shaft and into the bottom vent and was now going crazy. (You can see the feathers sticking out in the pic.) David was pointing to the vent saying uh-oh, Uh-Oh, UH-OH! Long story short, Dave was afraid to go into the kitchen and we had to wait almost an hour for the maintenance guys to come help me get the bird out. The next day David was still a bit skiddish by the vent and would point and say "tweet tweet". The real mistery is how the bird got in the vent in the first place!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


We hope everyone had a Happy Easter! We sure did.
Some moms in the neighborhood put together an Easter egg hunt for the kinds on Saturday. The weather was perfect and we had such a good time.

By the end of the hunt, Dave decided throwing the eggs was much more fun than putting them in the basket.

David decorated eggs...
and himself.

David had the time of his life finding Easter eggs on Sunday morning

Discovering Jelly Beans
now we frequently hear "Mor-Means" (more beans)

Ga'ma and Papa, the Zoo, and Nauvoo

Grandma and Grandpa Mayo (aka my parents) came to visit us in March. We had so much fun seeing them and we even made time for some side-trips. David made friends with the llamas and the goats at the Zoo. I was surprised how brave he was. His favorite was probably the giant fish though. Later we went to Carthage and Nauvoo. Despite the set backs with the flew, we had a good time and even found a couple quotes from on of our ancestors, Jane Johnston Black. David loved all the extra attention and we didn't mind either. We're so glad G'ma and G'pa came to visit and can't wait to see more family in June!