Sunday, November 13, 2011

About Time

I figure an update on the kids is over due.
We'll start with Little Lydia this time...

Lydia is such a good baby.
She's generally mild mannered. She giggles and laughs when you tickle or tease her, roars when you play with her, pouts when you ignore her, but most of the time is just completely content, pleasant, and sweet.
Her hair however, has some serious attitude. It's hard to see, but the entire top stands strait up. Always. It's impossible to make it do anything else.

 Remember the pouting I mentioned.

I had to take a picture because this is so tipical Lydia when a toy is just too far away, or I'm making dinner instead of paying attention to her. She doesn't usually throw a fit, just lays flat on the floor like she's so abandoned.

She does love the swings at the park and being outside. She is crawling all over the place now. Still army crawling most of the time. She likes everything that is David's. I kid you not, she tried to crawl for the first time on David's birthday. His new toys were quite the motivation.

She was a trooper on Halloween too. (Sorry no good costume pics. She was a lady bug, but she's bundled up in this picture and sitting on her wings.)

She's a great eater. Even when you can tell she doesn't like it and makes faces after every bite she'll keep opening her mouth until she's full. It's kinda sad- and cute. But usually she's not picky.

 David, David, David
He's been spending A LOT of time drawing. (this is a picture of dragons. A mom, dad, babies, and eggs.) We've been working on his ABC's too and loves writing his name.

He likes to cheese for the camera too. Luckily he still adores his sister. His favorite thing is to give her a hug and rub his cheeks on her fuzzy hair.

We went to the pumpkin patch and raced on the peddal carts. He won of course- with a little help from Dad.

This year David told me maybe he didn't want to carve pumpkins this year (after I told him he had to help pull out the pumpkin guts.) He said it was just too yucky. Apparently he changed his mind when it looked like Uncle Cody was having all the fun.

David determined to be a dragon for Halloween this year. And I was determined NOT to sew his costume. He won. I sewed a dragon. But only after I figured I could make the entire costume for free using fabric a friend had given me and scraps I had. Then I just couldn't justify paying for one.

In the end I thought it turned out pretty great. I figured it was good enough when I had him try it on and he roared and ran (flew) away.

We had a fluke snow storm the other day. (Luckily it's melted now). Jason had the morning off and they built this snowman. Dave was so proud. Later he kept asking me if we needed to go get his rocks (the eyes) so they didn't get lost when the snowman melted. Apparently they were pretty important rocks. 


The Phillips said...

you are so talented Emily!!! I can't believe you made the dragon costume!!! It really turned out really great!!! It's good to hear how you all are doing!

Jaime said...

The costume turned out great! And the pictures of the kids are adorable as usual. It's hard to imagine Lydia crawling...! They just keep getting bigger. :) Can't wait to see you guys.