Sunday, July 1, 2012


If you havn't heard from us for a while... we've been busy.
I honestly can't even think off all that's happened since our last post, but here are a few big ones....

Lydia had her Birthday in February
she's so big!

Jason graduated from Medical School!!!!

(did I mention we matched to residency?)

Hence our recent move to Erie Pennsylvania!
It's true. We said our goodbyes to Iowa and headed east.

We are absolutely loving it here.
(it helps that Jason hasn't been working all month and we've had lots of time to play)

Here are the kids and Jason catching all sorts of creature in a creek near our house.

David is truly in heaven here.... at the creek that is.

David caught some frogs...

and then Lydia caught a frog!

Okay, so maybe Dave cought it, with a little help.
(see, heaven for a 4 year old boy)

Our temple district is now the Palmyra temple. So when we went to the temple we got a bonus trip to the Smith farm...

and the Sacred Grove...

When we're not out playing at the beach... yes there's a beach here, on lake Erie, but I can't seem to remember my camera... on walks in the forest, or catching frogs, we hang out at home drawing pictures,

or swimming in the pool in the back yard.

 ( a kiddie pool that is)

and yes, we have a back yard!
We're renting a house and sooo glad to have our own space. Sorry no pics. I know. I'll get to it.
Hope life is going well for all of you too, and now that we're more settled maybe, just maybe, you'll hear from us more often :)


Alissa said...

you get to live in Erie, PA?!! How cool is that you can say, "You've got to be quick with me, I'm from Erie PA" (From THat thing you do)

I'm glad you are loving it there!

The Phillips said...

It's so good to hear from you and see that you and the family are doing so great. So did Jason get a job in Erie? You are so lucky to have your own place with a backyard, I wish could have that. Steve will be done in December and we'll see where we go from there. Congrates on all the wonderful news!
-- Sharifa

Jaime said...

yea! looks wonderful. What a fun place for kids to live. :)

Jamie said...

glad to hear that things are going well and that you guys like your new place and where you live!

Christia said...

Hope you guys are doing well in Erie! <3