Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year David wanted to be a PARROT and Lydia was a BLACK CAT.
Arent' they adorable?

I have to brag a little because I made the costumes all by myself :)
The kids trick-or-treated in the rain (they were very determined) and got way too much candy.

We've been raking leaves like crazy and the kids love it.

David made his very own dinosaur costume. Next year I'll give him fabric instead of paper and save myself the trouble.

This makes me laugh every time!

Carving pumpkins.

and oh yah, David is 5!!!!
 I don't like to think about it.


Mindy Stromberg said...

VERY VERY cute costumes! Great job, as always!! Talked to Lisa this morning, glad she got to visit you guys a while back! Hope Erie is treating you guys well!!!

Jaime said...

I'm super impressed with those costumes--they turned out fabulously! :) Your kids are getting so big! Lydia looks like she's aged a TON since the last time I saw her.

JessicaRindy said...

Emily! So glad I found your blog, we miss you guys and I'm excited to show Ethan pictures of David! Mine is I don't update very often so no promises but Hailey just turned 1 and I did post some pictures :) Glad to see you guys are well, Eric is going to do a rotation at Millcreek in July so he will have to come say hi!